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Online Typing Jobs

What is Online Typing?
  • You must need to connect to internet during the typing jobs. Don't need to download any project on your own computer's hard drive you will do all the work on the CJ Inc's Server.  
Job Nature:
  • We have an offer for our typist, a wide range of online typing work. We have a large outsourcing business client's criteria and they need to typing work to us. For ex. Many Online established companies as real estate, stock market, matrimonial, market research, TV channels and News portals.  In the same we accept the work on the competitive rates to our clients and after that we need to freelance typist to complete our contract in the fixed time period.
  • We don't ask about Investment to our freelancer's for getting the typing jobs to us, but we really expect in return to our freelancer's a good accuracy borderline time period as per our terms . We are ready to pay best in the market for the same to you. 
Job Rates: 
  • US$ 3.5 to US$ 6.0 per page rates are depends on the work nature and accuracy levels. While you type only one page or many page, as per CJ Inc's terms than you will be surely paid by us.     
Expected per month earning: 
  • To understand see this below example with the minimum per page typing rate  :
  • We provide US$ 3.5 Per Page typing rates if you typed 10 Page Per day than your per day income will US$ 35. If you do this work only for 25 days than you will earn in a month US$ 875.
  • If you have reached at 16 year's limit than you can join us.
  • Healthy Fingers, Good Eye-Sight.
  • Minimum 30-50 words per minute typing speed on the computer.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and other applications related to this work 
  • Basic knowledge of Internet.
  • Your Accuracy should be between 95-100%. If your accuracy is below 95%, work will be returned and payments will hold till resubmitting the said work.
Sample Work:
  • Typing materials will provide to you in the same condition as we received from the business clients. It can be in digitally (pre typed as image) copy form or in physically (hand written) form. To understand that how to do the work we provide sample work to you.  
  • Select your country and get your Sample work.
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  • You will paid by CJ Inc's as once you reached the minimum limit  of US$25. If your work have not enough fund in your JOB account in that condition your payment will carry on for next payment month schedule.
  • Payments are made to you on15th of every month. Payment mode are available by Cheque, Online fund transfer and Paypal.
  • Registration is absolutely Free. There are No hidden cost before or after the joining.
Selection Procedure :
  • Download the application form and submit the details to the working committee. The details will be reviewed by CJ Inc's Specialist Committee. If they find you are eligible as per CJ Inc's norms, then you will be contacted by them. You will be contact for an interview via Paltalk messenger. 

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