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Online Survey Jobs
(US$ 5 to 20 or more per Survey)
Online Teaching Jobs
(US$ 25- 50 per Session)
Online Typing Jobs
(US$ 3.5- $6 Per 1000Words)
Content Writer Jobs
(US$ 10 - 30 Per Article)
Offline Typing Jobs
(US$ 2.5 - $5 Per 1000 Words)
Proofreading Jobs
(US$ 5- 10 Per Page)
Ad Publishing Jobs
(US$ 1.5 - 2.5 Per Publishing)
Translation Jobs
(US$ 10 - 30 Per 1000Words/Page)
Indexing Jobs
(US$ 3 - 10 Per Project)
Medical Transcription Jobs
(US$ 5 to 10 per minute audio file)
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